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Hello There

If you are reading this then this means that you are interested in knowing more about Stathis Papadopoulos. It also probably means that you are an Amazing & Curious Human Being. So let's spare you the cheeky intro and dive straight into the story.


My Story

It all begun in summer 98' in North Greece, during a very hot summer which is quite common in the Country also known as Hellas. To be Honest, I was just a baby & consequently a toddler for the next few years, so my memories will probably be decieving. Rest assured I was 100% a polite and kind and awesome, (and humble) kid.

      In 2010, at the age of 10, I was introduced to the sport of Athletics, something that was meant to be a part of my life forever. It turned out I was quite fast, and so in short, I started training and competing in the events of the 100m & 200m Dash, where I competed at the National Level. The sport went on to become a healthy addiction to this day.

      And lo! 2012, I fell of a 8ft tall tree and sustained ZERO injuries. I was just laughing for some reason. What an idiot. I learnt a big lesson that day, safety first...

      In 2016, I graduated from High School and after passing the National Exams, I entered the Aristotle University of Physical Education and Sport Science in Thessaloniki and studied deeply all about Health & Fitness. 4 Years later, I got my Bachelor's degree during the early stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the future was looking bright.

      Well, not really bright because I left out some key details...

     End of 2020', I made a bold choice to move to the UK to study for A Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology. Big problem! I didn't like the course from the beginning! Now you are asking... Then why did I join it in the first place?

Well, I secretly wanted to find an excuse to move to a bigger city and pursue an acting career. I found that opportunity in London.

     2023. Completed 3 and a half years of intense acting training, all the while I managed to get myself into the making of short & student films, finding myself working as a supporting artist/extra in big NETFLIX productions and auditioning for roles in Feature Films. I got my first leading role audition for a Feature Film in February 2023!

     And so, whatever the next chapter of my life turns out to be, I promise to live it with passion & intensity and to settle for nothing less than what I dreamt of as a kid. I hope one day my films will inspire & entertain audiences all over the world.

P.s. See you at the Movies. 

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