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The first published work of Stathis, is the Epic Fantasy-adventure novel: THE EYES OF DARLATH, a book that was conceived in 2016, and finally published in 2024. The Book is AVAILABLE to buy now.

Aside from that, Stathis Papadopoulos has written many Screenplay drafts and hopes to have his scripts produced eventually.

Below you'll find small abstracts of completed work.

The Eyes of Darlath: The Misty Island

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Vert Flyder is a member of Captain Emery’s crew, a group of honest thieves that often steal from the rich, sailing from place to place on their infamous ship.

Only this time, Vert took an item from the wrong person, at the wrong time, and that will bring troubles to him and his friends. As they find themselves on a quest, entangled with kings, clans, and mythical creatures.

Will the quest lead Vert to his dreams, or to a living nightmare?



Deception Game © 2024 | Feature Film | Mystery Thriller

Ten Strangers are trapped in a social experiment. with a dangerous twist. Will they manage to find the killers
before it's too late?

black and white avatars people.jpg
Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior


Atlantis © 2023| Drama/Epic
8-Episode TV series

A war general returns victorious to the city of Atlantis to discover that the Emperor has been assassinated and alas! The general's father has been sentenced for the crime and the new emperor plans to execute him and his wife. The general wants to protect his family at all costs, but what can a single man do against the Imperial Authority?

The general is forced into the gladiatorial games as a punishment for his father's supposed crime. At the same time, a young senator and close friend to the general, strives to uncover the truth behind the Emperor's assassination. Things are not as they seem and they must hurry in order to prevent the execution.


Son of Wind © 2022 | 
Feature Film | 
Sports Drama

A Sports Drama, dealing with the hardships of life when someone takes the road less travelled to reach his dreams. The story follows a young man, whose injuries and lack of money are forcing him out of his beloved sport, when in fact he has the potential to become a world champion. Along the way he encounters people that seek to kill his dream, and yet, he is surprised to find individuals who actually wish to see him thrive.

Image by Braden Collum
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